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New Coffee Shop & Vegan Treats [Dec. 4th, 2007|10:55 am]
Vegan Georgia

Posted by Dulce Vegan on MySpace:

TILT is a new Coffee shop in Castleberry Hills. The space is actually a little tilted. The people are really nice and the coffee is amazing! They also have yummy vegan treats from Dulce Vegan.

"Located in the Historic Art District of Castleberry Hill in downtown Atlanta, Tilt is a neighborhood coffee shop designed to be a melting pot for the culturally diverse art community and those conscious individuals focused on Earth, Body and Soul. In addition to what is expected in today's shops, such as Wi-Fi, a warm atmosphere, environmentally friendly, and a variety of coffees including organic and fair trade, Tilt will offer classes in yoga and pilates for the body and soul. Visit Tilt at 274 Walker street where everything is Tilted in your favor."

They just opened so get check them out!
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Mother's Day and Graduation [May. 10th, 2007|03:11 pm]
Vegan Georgia

I have a ridiculous number of people coming into town for my graduation in Atlanta. I didn't invite anyone, buy they just show up in droves. ;)

So now I'm trying to figure out how to accommodate people, and 2 new people signed on this week.

Here's the run down on people:

1 vegan (me and even just a good salad is fine with me, but I'd love something more)
1 veggie
2 former veggies
2 veg friendly peeps
2 confirmed carnivores (unadventurous types)
2 more

So a party of 10. 4 of the above are not adventurous with types of cuisines, so your basic 'merican cuisine is sorta necessary. One person is on a tight budget, and probably wouldn't be comfortable with someone paying for the meal either, given the family dynamics. So I'm looking for ~$20 a head or less. I mean, it could be more, but there would need to be an option or two at or below that price.

I'm looking for Mother's Day dinner, and Monday night dinner.

A coworker suggested Micks. Anyone eaten there, vegan? Any other ideas. I don't eat out much and when I do it's at the tried and true veggie restaurants.

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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2007|09:50 pm]
Vegan Georgia
I'm currently looking for work in any vegan/vegetarian restaurants. I have years of experience working cashier/kitchen (I also have managing experience). I have my own vegan baking recipes. I am more so looking for a stable job in the restaurant business that I can use to my advantage in opening one of my own. I have excellent customer service skills, and all of my food prep/food managers certificates. I am a strong multi-tasker. I'm looking for a job around the end of march, and would like to move to a more vegan/vegetarian community. At the moment I am working in a popular, small owned health conscious restaurant/grocery store. If you know of any place that's hiring- or would be interested in a more formal resume. Please contact me through here or on my email.

I am currently in the tampa bay, florida area and will be moving soon-- hopefully to a new job that will give me a little bit more insight on my business goals.
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Wellness Community [Nov. 11th, 2006|10:05 am]
Vegan Georgia
I created a place for those with a thirst for wellness and a compassion for all life. It is called the

Life Dynamix Wellness Community

Here you can meet others with similar interests, spread your message of wellness, and have your health questions answered by one of our wellness experts. These services are at no cost to you - this is our way of saying thanks for making Life Dynamix part of your world :)

Click Here
to Join The Circle.

I will be added to your friends network automatically. I hope to see you there :)

To Magic & Possibilities!

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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2006|12:14 am]
Vegan Georgia

sorry for the x-post, but some mystery person just made me the mod of atlanta_veggies a veggie and vegan community, and i would like my community to grow, so, please come join!
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2006|12:42 am]
Vegan Georgia
[music |i get along- the libertines]

Hiya! I'm 15 and live in Atlanta. I've been a vegetarian for a little less than a year (it will be one year in August!) My family think this is a phase I'm going through, but I've not once thought about going back to a diet including meat. My parents have been very supportive though, so it's been relatively easy making the transition. However, my school offers one vegetarian option: greasy pizza! Blech. They even put ham into their salads! But it's not a huge deal. I really feel healthier and better since I made the switch, and I'm very glad I did! So yeah... what are some vegetarian/vegan restaurants that you guys like to go to? I've found a purely vegan Chinese restaurant called Harmony on Buford Highway in Chamblee, that is really good! Where do you like to go(preferably in the Atlanta area)? Thanks!!
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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2006|11:33 am]
Vegan Georgia

[mood |still excited]

Bulldog puppy...oops.
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and they call him eliot [May. 25th, 2006|11:31 am]
Vegan Georgia

[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |guns n roses]

Hopefully getting brindol puppy. I'm so thrilled. I heart the aminals!
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I heart veggies [May. 23rd, 2006|07:52 pm]
Vegan Georgia

[mood |chipperchipper]

I guess I'll introduce myself...my name is Sarah and I live in Savannah. I live with my boyfriend and my daughter. I've been vegetarian on and off for years. I finally decide to go back to being vegetarian because, for some reason I'm happier that way. I didn't do it for any other reason than for myself. I LOVE animals but, they aren't the reason I did it. Don't get me wrong I am against cruelty towards them. I felt like it was something that I wanted to do for myself.
Anyway...any tips on going vegan? That part gets me everytime. I'd like to make that step I just am kinds' baffled as to how to get started.
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2006|07:12 pm]
Vegan Georgia
Hi, this is a quick post to advertise the queersavannah community. Anyone is welcome to join. Thank you!

(x-posted; sorry if you see this more than once!)
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