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Mother's Day and Graduation [May. 10th, 2007|03:11 pm]
Vegan Georgia


I have a ridiculous number of people coming into town for my graduation in Atlanta. I didn't invite anyone, buy they just show up in droves. ;)

So now I'm trying to figure out how to accommodate people, and 2 new people signed on this week.

Here's the run down on people:

1 vegan (me and even just a good salad is fine with me, but I'd love something more)
1 veggie
2 former veggies
2 veg friendly peeps
2 confirmed carnivores (unadventurous types)
2 more

So a party of 10. 4 of the above are not adventurous with types of cuisines, so your basic 'merican cuisine is sorta necessary. One person is on a tight budget, and probably wouldn't be comfortable with someone paying for the meal either, given the family dynamics. So I'm looking for ~$20 a head or less. I mean, it could be more, but there would need to be an option or two at or below that price.

I'm looking for Mother's Day dinner, and Monday night dinner.

A coworker suggested Micks. Anyone eaten there, vegan? Any other ideas. I don't eat out much and when I do it's at the tried and true veggie restaurants.